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Our Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students and Community Members:


We are off to a great start and focused on our instructional programs.  Our PTA is working hard to make this a great year for our students.  Our office staff is working hard to make sure our daily functions are up and running.  MPE has great people working for your children and they are here to serve in any capacity.


I’d like to share that Montebello Park has been working very hard in launching our new core adoption “Benchmark Advance” as our English Language Arts Program.  The last four years our teachers have gone through instructional professional development around whole group/small group instruction.  The work that we have done in this area ties in nicely with the new adoption that our district has purchased.  I am excited to share that many of the strategies in the series were focused on the last four years and our teachers were already implementing in the classroom.

For Math we are focusing on the critical thinking and defending our math solutions as individuals and as a group.  There are four areas in math that are important; Application and Reasoning, Fluency, and Visualization.  Our students are expected to explain their answers, respond in short written responses, draw a visual to represent their answer and knowing their math facts fluently is important.  It is a great way for students to find multiple ways to solve a problem and then understand conceptually how they were able to conclude their answer. We are also launching our ST Mind computer math program this year.  Your child has access to this math program 24/7.  Inquire with your child’s teacher if you would like your child to have access to it at home.


I am excited to share that Science is another area of focus for us at MPE.  Our 5th Grade Team is focused on Science and providing our students with some STEM hands on activities.  Please ask your child questions about their school day. 

As the holidays are approaching and time is spent in the home, remember to reinforce reading and learning.  During the holidays enjoy a good book together or have your child spend some time on ST Math online.  Keep them focused so when they return they are ready to keep their learning growth moving forward.  We at MPE send you and your family health and happiness.  Looking forward to another great year. 





Mrs. Andujo

Your Principal